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Sanovae – Cooling Gel Sheets – 6 Pack


Quick relief from headaches, migraines, and fevers. Product from SNS Global Pharma

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Sanovae – Cooling Gel Sheets – 6 Pack

Are you looking for quick relief from headaches, migraines, and fevers that won’t interact with medications? Want a reliable way to cool yourself from warm weather conditions and hot flashes that is both effective and safe? If so, Sanovae Cooling Gel Sheets are it!

Unlike other headache, migraine, and fever remedies on the market, the Sanovae Cooling Gel Sheets are non-medicinal and safe to use in conjunction with medications. When applied at the first sign of a headache, migraine, or fever, the patches provide continuous, gentle cool relief for up to 10 hours. The simple peel and stick design allow you to experience cool, hands-free relief that doesn’t get in the way. For a more intensive cooling effect, refrigerate prior to use.


  • Ensure area of application is clean and dry
  • Cut or tear pouch and remove Cooling Gel Sheet
  • Remove film and apply gel side directly to forehead or front of neck
  • When done, remove and dispose of patch
  • Gel residue may remain on dry skin, wash away with warm waterFeatures and Benefits:
  • Cooling Gel Sheets
  • 6 Pack, 2 Sheet Per Pouch
  • Non-Medicated
  • Fast Acting
  • For Headache, Migraine, Fever, and Hot Flash Relief
  • Doesn’t Interact With Medications
  • Easy Application
  • For Forehead and Front of Neck
  • Up to 10 Hours of Gentle Cooling
  • Handsfree, Peel and Stick Design
  • DisposablePrecautions:
  • For External Use Only
  • Do Not Eat
  • Do Not Freeze
  • Do Not Reuse
  • Avoid Contact With Eyes, Nose, and Mouth
  • Not For Use on Broken Skin
  • Discontinue If Skin Becomes Irritated
  • Contact Doctor If Symptoms Persist

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